Neil Young Ones Quotes And Funniest Scenes

Hippy Neil was one of the four housemates featuring in the British comedy television series The Young Ones. Here’s some of the best quotes by Neil from the Young Ones.

Neil from the Young Ones

Neil Pye (full name Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye as revealed in Neil’s Book of the Dead) is the pacifist, vegetarian hippy character from UK comedy The Young Ones.

Played by Nigel Planer, Neil is the most gentle and considerate of the housemates. You could almost think of him as the ‘Mother’ of the house.

Often picked on by the other housemates, mainly Rick but also Vyvyan, Neil remains unfazed and stoical in his approach to life. He’s also got some great lines in this iconic British sitcom!

Neil if I had a penny

Neil Quotes In The Young Ones

This collection of quotes by Neil in the Young Ones will help bring back those memories!

I won’t say anything ’cause no one ever listens to me, anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record.

Neil from the Young Ones getting up in the morning

It’s like the kettle killed itself rather than be used by me…

Neil quote from the Young Ones about killing the kettle

You know, I just bet that a bit later on someone does drink that and turns into an axe-wielding homicidal maniac.

Neil as a police officer

Oh, well, out of one frying pan, into another frying pan.

Neil quote from the Young Ones

If I had a penny for every time I had to answer the door, I’d have £5.63

Neil do you dig graves

Neil Young Ones

Darling fascist bully-boy… Give me some more money… You bastard… May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman… Neil.

Neil make a teepee

Hey, wouldn’t it be terrible if we ended up having to eat each other? Like those sailors did in that film, um…”We Ended Up Having To Eat Each Other.”

Vegetable rights and peace Neil

Oh, not that speaker! Jimi Hendrix once pissed on that!

Neil I hate bath nights

It’s a sign, that little white dot. It means something really heavy. It means there’s no more telly, it’s time to go to bed.

Neil 6 pairs of hads scene in the Young Ones

It was horrible. I sat in the big hall and put my pocket of Polos on the desk. And my spare pencil and my support gonk. And my chewing gum and my extra pen. And my extra Polos and my lucky gonk. And my pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker. And more gonks with a packet of Polos in each. And lead for my retractable pencil. And my retractable pencil. And spare lead for my retractable pencil. And chewing gum and pencils and pens and more gonks, and the guy says “Stop writing, please”.

Neil don't get uncool and heavy

Oh yeah, that’s a good idea isn’t it? Yeah – let’s all bring Neil down. That’ll relieve the boredom.

Neil drowned or eaten by octopuses

I wish there were no machines and we all lived a pastoral existence. Trees and flowers don’t deliberately call out and go beep in your ear.

A quote from neil in the Young Ones

Main Characters Young Ones

  • Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson)
  • Rick (Rik Myall)
  • Mike (Christopher Ryan)
  • Neil (Nigel Planer)

Neil and Young One FAQ

People who love the British comedy television series The Young Ones often have questions to ask such as:

What did Neil from The Young Ones say?

One of Neil’s funny lines is: I won’t say anything ’cause no one ever listens to me, anyway.

What did Neil study in The Young Ones?

Neil is studying Peace Studies at Scumbag College.

What would Vyvyan do?

What would Vyvyan do is a phrase that can be found on T-Shirts and other memorabilia referencing The Young Ones sitcom.

Who is Neil out of The Young Ones?

Nigel Planer plays the character Neil in the 1980s TV comedy series.

What is the Young Ones?

UK comedy The Young Ones is a 1980s sitcom about four students sharing a house. At times anarchic and surreal, The Young Ones TV series has developed a cult-like following.

Neil everything is mellow

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