Quotes by Bias of Priene

Bias of Priene was a Greek philosopher and sage who is credited as one of the Seven Sages of Greece in ancient times. Here are some of his most quoted words of wisdom.

Who was Bias of Priene?


One of the most eminent philosophers of ancient Greece, Bias of Priene was a native of the Ionian city of Priene in Asia Minor. He is said to have been elected “the most wise” out of the Seven Sages of Greece, which also included Thales, Solon and Pittacus. Here’s a little more info in the 7 sages of ancient Greece.

Not many of his sayings have survived (although some of the Delphic Maxims may have originated from him), but the following are some of the most widely quoted words that Bias has left behind:

Best Bias of Priene Quotes

Cherish wisdom as a means of traveling from youth to old age, for it is more lasting than any other possession.

Love prudence

Do not praise an undeserving man because of his riches

Do not speak fast, for that shows folly.

Choose the course which you adopt with deliberation; but when you have adopted it, then persevere in it with firmness.

Well Known Quotes Bias of Priene

Most people are bad.

When a good man steps down from power, he shouldn’t have become more rich, but more honored.

Power shows the man.

Think what you are doing.

Good men are easily deceived.

Hear much, speak to the point.

Old age is a harbor for bad things.

For whatever good you do, praise the gods not yourself.

It is misfortune not to be able to bear misfortune.

Take by persuasion, not by force.

Be slow in considering, but resolute in action.

The best democracy is where everybody is afraid of the law like a tyrant.

Don’t praise an unworthy man for his riches.

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